Petromal is the oil and gas arm of National  Holding and it is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.   

Established as an integrated oil and gas company, Petromal focuses on the upstream and down stream while developing services to the industry through direct investment or through strategic public or private partnerships. In addition, it pursues opportunities in alternative energy and natural rsources.

Petromal is comprised of  five distinct business units: Upstream (oil and gas exploration and production), Downstream (distribution, refining, and petrochemicals), Petroleum Services (oil field services, engineering, construction and fabrication), Minerals, Alternative Energy & Resources.  Petromal’s main area of focus is the Middle East, Africa, and Asia with an emphasis on the UAE.

National Holding is one of Abu Dhabi’s leading privately owned conglomerates maintaining a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio of companies operating in the financial, industrial, property development, general trading and oil and gas sectors worldwide.

For almost two decades, National Holding has invested in diverse growth sectors in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, as well as other emerging and international markets. The multifaceted synergy with the Abu Dhabi Government economic development plans gives National Holding a unique combination of unrivaled corporate strength and niche industry positioning, enabling it to play a vital role in fulfilling the emirate's economic and strategic plans, in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.








Petromal is founded as the oil and gas arm of National Holding

Entered into agreements with Premier Oil Plc to form two new Joint Venture companies to pursue the acquisition of upstream oil and gas assets across the Middle East and North Africa

Established Premco BV identify, acquire, and operate oil and gas assets within the MENA region (excluding the UAE) and Pakistan

Established Premco Energy Projects was established to pursue E&P opportunities within the UAE

Established EMEC Emirates with privately owned Egyptian Mud Engineering Chemicals (EMEC) to provide Mud Engineering services such as drilling and completion chemicals, drilling and completion fluids engineering, solid removal equipment and services, mud plants engineering and services, cuttings disposal and waste management

Established National Holding and Al Mojil LLC (NHM), the Joint Venture between National Holding and the Mohammad Al Mojil Group Company. NHM provides construction, commissioning and maintenance services to the onshore and offshore oil & gas, water & power, and transportation industries in the Emirates

Drilling and operations in Egypt for offshore fields, through drilling of 8 wells and the fabrication and installation of platform and mobile offshore production unit

Drilling and operations in Sudan for onshore fields

Acquisition of participating interest in PNGF Sud, Republic of Congo and established Hemla E&P Congo

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