Empowered by Norway and Abu Dhabi

Developing resources responsibly and building competence

E&P Congo is an independent Congolese Oil & Gas company, currently active in the license of PNGF Sud in the Republic of Congo.

Our vision is to grow in the region and become a leading African operator and a good corporate citizen, promoting excellence in operations and innovation with a focus on safety. We are able to    access both financial and technical solutions which will aid us in our journey  towards our goal.

Supported by  our partners and their respective strong economies,  Hemla of Norway and Petromal of Abu Dhabi,  as well as the Norwegian ofshore industry, we are able to access the excellency and years of experience    in technology and operations within  oil and gas from Norway and UAE, in addition to financial solutions such as sovereign funds from Norway and Abu Dhabi.

Our combined synergies and shared vision enable us to develop resources responsibly and to build competence in Congo and the region.